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Thank you, but I need more help.

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Well, for some of my last posts, thanks for all of your help!


After my ex broke up with me, I can hang out w/ some of my guy friends and not feel ashamed of making it seem im cheating on my ex or something, I dont pref. hve many girl friends because...1. I grew up a tom boy 2. I hate drama...and those high school girl have drama on their mind 24/7. Guys also are just uber halarious, well the ones I hang with anyways. I think thats also why it took me awhile to find my ex (my first love). Guys were just close to me and I tried to get along with many but the guy I dated before my ex was a BIG sex offender and 5 mins after we met, he tried to take off my pants and I was only 13 or 14!!! After that I didnt want a relationship but wanted to meet some more guys friends and to cut this short...I found my ex 4 days after leaving the sexual guy. He just stole my heart away....


Then as many of you know, he broke up with me last Sunday after a 1 year and 1/2 of a relationship. Just last night, I finally went up to my room to get my clothes reather than my mother anf finally slept in my bad rather than the couch. I still think of him every second and miss him SOOOO much but am getting over him slowly. He didnt break up with me...for me (he says O.o), but because he was under stress and wanted to deal with it on his own, without the responsibilities of a relationship. Is that wrong or abnormal? None the less, he said we MAY have a future together. I cried on my mothers shoulder and told her, "He may want me back, and i dont wanna just be alone...I wanna feel better." So my mother and many of you said to just go out, have fun, dont get in a relationship right now, find out where you are with yourself and do something good for you. Iv began to do things for myself and hang out with the few friends I have. I still hope my ex get back together.


Anyways, to sum this up. Am I doing what I should and what shoulld or could I do to presuade him to get back with me. He dumped me so I figured it be different if I were to dump him. But please, tell me some things I could to to maybe make him want back...anything...believe me, hes a great guy and I NEED him...even though im doing better...I still love this boy.

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The only thing you can do to get him back is give him the space that he needs. There are no magic formulas or spells, sorry I just don't believe in those things. Be yourself and in time if he gets his act together he may want a relationship. I'm not sure what he is going through but at his age I cannot imagine what kind of stress would make him want to break up with you. I just hope that he is being honest with you, I know that you think that he has been but it really does not add up. Keep healing day by day and late fate do the rest.



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