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*confessions of the suspended...*I need advice and quick.

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Im not quite sure if this is really "personal growth" but i did advice.

Let me first start out by saying, i do feel like i am the youngest person to EVER enter this site. But one charateristic that has followed me my whole life is being mature for my age. And i really do value older peoples opinions. So please, just remember for right now that "age is just a number"


To get strait to the point. I am suspended from my high school for about 2 weeks. I go to a boarding school. As i said before, i am pretty mature for my age, so i think i got into a few bad things way to soon. To make this horrificaly long story short...me and my friends disided that it would be a fun time to drink at school. I know i know, dumbest thing you ever heard right. I know exactly what you mean. Looking back on it, even the day after, i thought it was the stupiest thing. and so do all my friends.



This school means the world to me. I dont really have a good home life, so this school IS my home. All the girls who go there are my sisters and the teachers are my mentors. Last year, my first year at my Boarding school, i won the spirt award. THis was a special award that they have never given out to anyone. BUt they gave it to me. I was soo honerd. It was the best day of my life.

So, can you imagen what i must feel when i completely * * * *ed up from the place i love?


I need to do something. For the teachers. They are very disapointed in me. Especially my basketball coach...

Basketball at this school is MY activitly. I worked so hard to get there. on the Varcity team. I am the younged person to ever try out and make it on the team.

My coach and i have the best realationship a kid and student could ever have. he is not only my coach he is my math teacher which is my favorite subject. So, we are very close. and i hurt him. I need to do something.


please please PLEASE help me think of something i can do that would make them not completely forgive me but so i can tell them how much there school means to me. and how sorry i am. I have used this 2 week suspention as a time to refect. but i really dont know what to do. I want to write a letter. BUt where do i begin?

Please help me.



*confessions of the suspended*

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I can totally understand you are feeling anxious about facing ppl who you look up to after disappointing them. Right now you are feeling really down about it, but I doubt it is a big a deal to them as you think. If you really feel like you need to do something, I personally think a letter is the wrong way to go. Give something back to your school - you said yourself you won that spirit award, well...get back into school with a positive attitude. Theres no quick fix for this kind of thing. It's great that you have a better attitude towards this kind of thing, but you have to gain someones trust back in time. If you are that close with your coach, tell em how you feel - that you feel like you need to do something, maybe he can help you out in that area.

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Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone makes stupid screw ups. It sounds like you have learned your lesson, not through the suspension, but through the pain you are experiencing over letting down people you respect. One thing though, you can't MAKE anyone forgive you. All you can do is take responsibility for your actions, apologize, and forgive yourself. A forgiveness from someone else has to come from INSIDE them.


I don't know these people, but I am sure in time they will forgive you completely, assuming you don't make a pattern of this behaviour. For now if you want to make it up to them, maybe write them each a letter or meet with them privately? Explain that you know you made a bad mistake, and take responsibility for your actions. Apologize. That's really all you can do. They may not forgive you instantaneously, but in awhile it will be ok. Give it a little time. Good luck.

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Write a short but sincere letter of apology. Tell them what you said in your post about how much the school means to you and they will understand.They have seen all of this sort of thing before and they know that even good people mess up once in while. They almost certainly have, and still do, themselves.


Some lessons are taught the hard way - but it is how you use the information you have learned that is important.

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Thank you 3 for your advice. I am really taking what you all said to heart. I think i know what to do now. And im sure it will not make my repected elders and school mates forgive me off the back, but over time trust will be regained im sure. THANK YOU. I really love this site! haha. i mean its so inlightening dont you think? well....i guess ill start planning my apoligly EVERYTHING. ha!

THANK YOUUU AGAIN ...and again and again


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