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Well, for a while, I have really liked a lot of older girls, and many older girls have also liked me. I in my early twenties, but I have liked girls who are 28 or even 29, or slightly older. I don't know why...maybe because they are mature, and yet they are still very respectful of me. Even though they are older, they still respect me and care for me as any younger girl would. Also, some girls that age have liked me...I don't know why. Why would a girl who is 28 or 29 like a guy who is in early twenties? Oh well, girls are girls, and they are all fun, no matter what age.

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Why would a girl who is 28 or 29 like a guy who is in early twenties?


Maybe because she gets along with that particular guy.


I met my husband when I was 37. He was 26. Initially, I was inclined to write him off as too young, but he's persistent.


Good thing for me...I can't imagine my life without him in it.

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there's nothing wrong with anyone liking older girls or vice versa. Older girls have more "experience" behind them and have themselves more established than a 20 year old (yet,there are some older girls who are still figuring themselves out) so maybe older girls seem to get along with you better.

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I have always preferred older women. Im 24 today. In the last 2 years i've spent time with a 26 year old, a 31/32 (saw her in 2 separate incidents during 2004 and 2005) and recently a 35 year old.


I find older women more attractive and also less intimidating. They have lost the "attitude" that i find a lot of younger girls have. They just tend to be more pleasant people. Maybe its today's society that make a lot of younger girls not so nice (in my opinion). Of course their not all bad.

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I like older women too. Last year I had a brief thing with a woman who's nearly 30. I'd had people telling me for ages that she liked me but I thought why would she be into me? We went out a few times but I feel I left it a bit late cos she met someone older than her and hooked up with him. We did have a lot of fun when we went out though and I think if I'd made my move earlier we could have given it a go. Now I realise I shouldn't have really thought about the age thing at first and just gone for it. Annoying as I still really like her. I've also got quite a few friends that are older than myself. I wouldn't have a second thought about dating someone older now.


On the flip side. A couple of years ago I was at a friends party and his niece was there. I got talking to her and we got on well. She's witty, intelligent, has the same taste in music as myself (liked a good mix of older and newer bands) and I was beginning to like her. After talking for ages I discovered she

was only 14. I genuinely thought she was about 18, she looks older and seemed very mature. I obviously at that point told myself I couldn't like her in that way. She's 16 now and I see her every now and then as I'm friends with her Uncle and I still get on with her. Even though 16's OK in UK I still find it a bit dodgy and won't pursue her even though she still seems to like me.

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Same for me. I am 22, but right now I do like a girl who is just 16. But she is very mature - she just came from the Philippines, and in the Philippines you start university at age 16...so its like 18 for us. Oh well.....we will just be friends for now.


But ya, I was thinking...I really seem to prefer older girls though. IN most of my classes I befriend older girls...there is this one woman who is maybe 32, and I am quite close with her. But I usually get along very well with girls who are 26 to 28...and some of them actually really like me. I don't know why...I don't like immature girls I suppose.

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Older women are sexy and attractive. They are more mature (which women pretty much are in general if you ask me ) and I generally can relate to them better. It's just turned out that most girls I've been attracted to have been older, and older by a lot in one case. But age is just a number. What matters is the personal connection between two people.


An older women would like a younger guy because they click together. They have similar interests, values, beliefs, idea. They can understand each other and get along well. They love each other. If two people really love each other, age doesn't mean a thing.

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