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weird question.....

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ok so for the lonfest time I had this discharge, it was kinda whiteish like jello and not much but the in the last 2 months or so it's I don't have it but I have water, whiteship water like guy's cum coming out, anyone knows what it could be, as soon as I am done my period I am going to the doctor but I was wondering if it anyhitng to worry about???

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Seeing you doctor is the best idea. And be sure you do it. Odds are its nothing to worry about. Just need to be sure there is not some infection going on. Most women have discharge to an extent at certain times of the month that will be expected. Just make sure you see that doctor and let him rule out infections or not. IF its an infection proper treatment is in order. sorry couldnt be much more help.

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Look on the net for things on the Rythem Method of birth-control.


It may give you insight into what your body is doing. Your body will discharge fluids from time to time. Right after your period, 10-12 days after the first day of on-set of mentration you'll ovulate. Around this time is when the average woman becomes more fertile. You'll notice more of a discharge around this time. You may even notice your libido perk up. And find yourself getting excited more so. And more of a discharge and feeling of being "wetter". Its pretty normal.


Watch outs should be. Thicker cottage cheese type discharge. Discharge that smells foul. Itching really bad. All possible signs of YEAST INFECTION. Which you should go to the gyno to get taken care of.. especially if you have never had one previously.


Good hygene is important. Try not to use high scented soaps to wash downt here. Avoid nylon type undergarments, wear cotton. If you wear panty hose during the day for work.. come home and wash. Try sleeping w/o underware to allow for natural circulation of air. And mini-mize on wearig tight clothing.


Do go to your doctor and discuss with them. Just to be sure.

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