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Eyes during kissing

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This is my first post here. First of all ; I really love this site and read many threads but never registered myself, but now I thought it was the right time for it . I really like the members here. You all seems very respectfull to other persons. I esspecially like Shy Soul. I just want to say that and give him a compliment now, cause he gaves such a great and sweet advices. I first thought he was a girl!! I was so amazed a boy could be so sweet!!!


Okay so now the real question. A few months ago I had my first kiss. He lives in another country, so I didn't saw him again after that so special time! But we email a lot and we plann to see eachother soon. Anyway , I really liked the kiss and all. Oh by the way it was a real kiss with tongue. When I read this forum it seems in America this is a big deal. So that's why I say it now. Anyway I closed my eyes during kissing. But he not! .. (okay I did opened my eyes few times ) Actually I saw him looking at other things .. just his eyes were very moving . Hope you guys understand what I mean. I really hated this!! Cause it gave me the feeling he was bored or something. Or maybe this is normal?? I read one time in a magazine that you shouldn't trust a guy who don't close his eyes during kissing, because if he really is excited and likes the kiss then some kind of hormone or something makes the pupil bigger which means the guy must close his eyes to protect them from the light. Did you guys heard of this before? And would it really mean anything that he didn't closed his eys? And what would you think if you saw a guy looking at all kind of things around you if you kiss? And do you close your eyes during kissing? Okay lots of questions. Hope I get some reactions .

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I close my eyes when I kiss. First, because I think it's weird to be staring at your partner. Secondly, because I can be more "in the moment".


I, personally, find it strange that not only where his eyes open but that he was looking at other things. I too would be under the impression that I was boring. I can't speak for him though. Maybe that's just his thing, who knows?

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Hi Princess!


I like you. I don't even know you, but I like you. How can I not after your compliments?


Though I'm not sure what to think of being mistaken for a girl. LOL.


Closing your eyes during a kiss is usual, though not a big deal if it isn't done. I think that its a matter of losing yourself in the kiss and enjoying the feelings involved more. If your eyes are open, it's easier to get distracted. The attention isn't solely on the kiss. However, you can still have the same level of emotion with the eyes open. I've kissed with my eyes open to see what its like, and to focus on how beautiful the girl looked as she was kissing me. I still had my heart in the kiss, and loved it.


I think the looking around part is weirder though, and if a girl did that to me, I would also think she was bored. Think he might have been nervous about kissing you for some reason? If everything else seems good in the relationship, I wouldn't worry about this one thing. But if he keeps doing it, maybe say it makes you uncomfortable.


Hope things go well for you. And feel free to write me anytime.

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i usually kiss with my eyes closed, but i personally think that if at some point during the kiss you look into the eyes of your other, its very exhilarating. it gives me a mad rush.

But like they said... it could just be his "thing"

i agree with the talking to him, but address it in a sensitive mannor. Maybe he doesnt really know he's actually doing it? haha

best of luck

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