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Should I run away from Love?

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I think I am in love with my new boyfriend but its making me an emotional wreck. I know this sounds weird but the feelings i have for him scare me they are so strong. When we met I knew we were soul mates- we are literally exactly the same- (we have the same job, we are the same age, born 3days apart, our mothers have the same jobs, our dads have the same cars, he has an older brother the same age as my older sister, we both ended our 3 year relationships for eachtother, we both have the same goals in life etc) I felt sick when I found out all these things- it was just scary that we were both the same.


When we kiss the feeling i get is unreal- its like the best feeling ever in the world but somehow it scares me. I seriously don't know what to do about it all- it all happened over a period of 2 years but we've finally got together after our past relationships have been sorted out. Its just I AM SCARED- theses are the strongest feelings that ive ever known and they are taking over my life- i think about him day and night and need to be with him ALL the time. I dont want to feel like this because I feel like Im losing control over my life. I cant spend my life being this obsessed with one person.


The point of this post was to ask - should I leave him and settle for someone who I really like but doesnt provoke these strong uncontrollable feelings that make me feel like a fool. I hate not being able to control myself or will I regret losing this 'soul mate' ive found? I really am confused

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'Go with the flow' for now and enjoy. Your feelings will calm down soon and you will be better able to become more grounded. Don't be scared - all relationships carry an element of risk. Better to feel that way than that you really don't like him much after all.

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