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I walked off my job the other day...

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I can't believe I did it. I've never done anything like this before, but I just couldn't emotionally handle it. I'll give you a little background history..


In 2003 I was going through a lot, I got pregnant and in 2004 the whole year I spent unemployed and pregnant with a child who was to be born sick. In 2005 the baby passed away, and I got a job at the hospital where he was for 6 months. In the beginning it worked out, but the longer I was there the more I just couldn't handle it. It was so emotional for me, and in June I endured a nervous breakdown and I couldn't work.


So I spent a little time on unemployment and in August I got a part-time job and have been working part-time for this company ever since. I did a few temporary day jobs as an Admin. Assistant for companies, but they just didn't work out or weren't anything I wanted to do full-time.


It's a new year, and I really thought I could go back to the hospital because they pay good and I really have a messed up financial situation due to the past couple of years and my employment situation. So I took this job offer, and as they were telling me my job duties, etc. I kept thinking to myself "I can't handle this, i'm so sad I miss my son this is soo hard".


As soon as they left my desk and asked me to sort through some paperwork, my mind kept racing and I just couldn't handle it. I kept crying, and going crazy in my mind thinking about my son. So I just said forget it, and walked right out. Now I fear that I won't be able to find a job that I can handle emotionally. I need to work full-time because my rent is almost due and I can't even afford to pay my rent. What am I going to do now, I can't use the hospital as a reference.


I'm taking one online class, and I just really wish I could go to school full-time, but I can't afford it. I feel at peace and whole when I am on stage acting, or doing something else that I love. I know that I can't afford to do that full-time right now, but I just can't work one full-time job. Ever since I went through what I went through over the past couple of years.


I just don't know what to do now.. I'm applying for jobs, but my resume is all screwed up. HELP!!!! ](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)

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You should repair the relationship with the hospital by explaining that you had an emergency, or that you are still grieving over the loss of your son, and while you thought you were ready to work, you were sadly mistaken and you are sorry.


With regards to your resume, perhaps you could fill in the gaps by saying you were travelling or looking after a sick family member, which you were because of your son.


I agree with relationship coach, you need counselling, but in the meantime you need a job to pay your rent. Why don't you go for something manual, like manual labour, that is repetitive, easy on the mind and removes you from the hospital setting? The only thing with those kinds of jobs is they leave you with a lot of time to think, but this might not be a bad thing, because you can use the time to process what has happened and to think about what you want to do next.


In the long-term however, i advise you to follow your dreams, and you may be able to turn to the hospital, but right now it doesn't seem like a good idea. Damn American health system.

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I'm sorry about your son and I can only imagine what you're going through. I think you're not ready to go back into the workforce until you have resolved your issues.


Are you able to take shelter with friends or family? I'd seek their support until you are ready to move on.

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Sounds like you are going through a lot right now, and I'm very sorry about your loss. We all get depressed at times it is a very normal condition, and you have reasons to be depressed. I would suggest seeing a Dr. and getting something just for right now until you get back on your feet. They have some wonderful drugs that can really help with modern medicine. You can fix the resume, but you have to fix you right now. Sounds to me you have some challenges that are ahead of you. Don't wait to long to do any of this, the bills won't wait. You can do this, get that resume edited and dust yourself off and get back in the game. You hit homeruns before, and your in a bit of a slump right now. Take some time to rest and think and relax. And before you know it you will be back in the game hitting homeruns again.


Peace and Aloha


Good Luck, and be strong...you can do it



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Well I got a new job and I start on Monday. Now I just have to figure out what i'm going to do with my car. I couldn't afford to register it this month, and I got a ticket the other day for running a red light and having no insurance, which means they are going to suspend my licence. I'm just thankful the job is only down the street from my house. Rent is also due on the first and I don't have rent money.. this next month is going to be a huge challenge for me!

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Well, congratulations! Don't worry about the car for now, just concentrate on turning up for work on Monday.


With regards to the rent, is it possible to get a loan from a family member or somebody close? Or perhaps lobbying your landlord for a little more time on the payment? Most landlords don't expect the rent on time, and i am sure if you have been a long-term tenant and you explained your situation to him/her, he/she would be understanding...

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I've been in this place since October, and each month i've had rent issues.. I barely finished paying off January a couple weeks ago. I'll talk to her, but i'm sure that it's going to be a problem.. plus I just have no idea when i'll have all the $$ for it. *sigh* As far as a loan, my mother has loaned me money before so I know she wouldn't do it again. She helps me out a lot, i'm kinda spoiled, it can be a bad thing, but also a good thing.



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