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Well it will be four months since the break up in a couple of days, and i am finally starting to feel good. Dont get me wrong i still think about her, but only once in a while...i have been chatting with other chicks..have made new friends..lost sifgnificant amount of weight...and yes while the pain at times consumed me...i have her to thank for all the other positives that came out of this break up. i am almost healed completely...i have even embraced the single life...it took some time, but eventually i got back on track...i remember the first week .. my god i was so lost..my network of friends was not there..i was filled with misery and sorroww..i would wake up at 6 am on sat and sunday..and would go to the gym and do cardio for hours, just so i did not have to be home alone..it was very painful.., but slowly my network of friends grew again..my attitude started changing and now i am happy again..life is good..i did not think i would say that one month ago..well i hope i can give you guys some insight on my progress..it has been a tough road, but things are really good now..the roller coaster ride of emotions was extreme but i can finally say the ride is over. yei!!!

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its a buildong process..it takes time. i really am pretty happpy, and for the first time in 10+yrs...i have been alone for 4 months. before i always had a back up plan..jumping from g/f to g/f...this time i decided to be alone , i allowed myself to get strong. RC i knowi have been flighty..every month was a different emotion...dont get me wrong i know you will get angry at me, but i do still love her..i am not going to sit here and lie to you..but i also am not consumed by her, and i really cant wait to meet the new mrs. sukerbut. I really am me again...funny happy. ITS ALL GOOD

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Why would I get mad at you? It's good that you can be honest about how you feel about her that has nothing to do with the progress in which you have made! You may love her for a very long time even after you have met someone else, sometimes it's like gum on the bottom of your shoe, no matter how much you walk on it and ignore it, it's still there. You're doing great, that's what matters the most.



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I happy for you sukerbut....I recall reading your posts and feeling your misery...and I am glad you see the light....I too am where you are as well...I feel great now ...everything is not perfect, but i feel at peace with everything and am now dating again....take care and hope to hear about the new sukerbut woman in your life when it happens



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Hey suckerbut,

you have reached the holy grail. I am glad for you, and reading stories like yours gives me hope that one day I might be there. I much like you, typically have had someone my whole life. My last ex, was the best and I think I will always love her. Right now, I think that the best thing is to be alone. Don't get me wrong, I want someone in my life, but I still feel that someone has to be her.


Once again congrats suckerbut, reading through your previous posts, I felt every bit of your pain. Now I wait the day, when I can be where your at.

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Hey sukerbut, I greatly appreciate you returning to let us know that you're doing better. I'm happy for you. I've read your story and seen how emotional and crazy the ride has been for you and I really identify with that. Thanks for giving me hope that I won't feel this bad forever. Keep going strong, and come back every now and then with news of your new life.

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guys thank you for all the replies this weekend...it makes me feel good knowing that i can help out in any way. I truly am at peace wth myself lately..its a wonderful feeling i will keep every single one of you guys updated about my situation. i finally think the downward spiral is starting to change itself..how bout this..i went out sat. and lost my car keys..they cost about 300 bucks a piece..i was great everyhting is going good now this has to happes..next day my bud calls me and he said he found them in the seat cushions of his sofa..i know its coincindence but the wheels are in motion..its time to start reaching for the stars again..i am no longer drowning in misery..just make sure you go out there and network with people..rejuvinate all the old friendships you had and start moving forward (at first it might feel like you are trudging through quick sand, but as time passes that feeling will subside and you will be able to move with ease. but you have to start moving..even if its inch by inch) ..it will happen to you too...if i could get out of this any one can...GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!! Peter

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