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The first poem I ever wrote. Tell me what you think.


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I used to love this world.

It always was in my youth,

a happy place to flee to.

The people cared for one another,

needed each other to survive.

That concept has died.

People don't care anymore,

they step on each other,

just so they can make it to the top.


And as my youth faded,

hell seemed to rise.

It seemed to devour all that i held dear,

consuming with each bite,

bits of my life.

Family issues worsened,

people to help were called,

they seemed to be the only ones who cared.


As years went on I forgot,

the many memories of my past,

hiding them in the darkest place of my mind.

Wondering if it was I,

I used to cry.

Thinking I was nothing,

useless to this earth,

always seeing those who were so much,

so precious to everyone everywhere.

A darkend veil I used to keep,

always covering from sight,

all the things I feared to meet.

But now my youth has gone away,

and I no longer see the good,

the happy, the love.


A riot has broken,

proven my fear,

brought to life the very thing that I despair.

And as a child I used to love this world,

but now I see it as it truly is,

a waste for time,

a waste for life to only die in the end.

For as I sit about to die,

I see I did not love this world,

rather hated it before the day I was born.



Just thought I'd share it. What do you think of it. (It doesn't have a title)

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