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Well some of you read my posts, and just wanted to update you on somethings!


Well my boyfriend is still being affectionate, and meaning it!


He kind of has a job so an improvement. He has been managing a few websites with a few friends, and actually is building some sites of his own, making some money...In the mean time he is actually looking for a job...so he is doing better.


umm the ex called again, he didnt answer...and I told him either he tells her to stop calling next time she calls, or I am gone..He agreed so we are doing better.


He is treating me better, and actually trying...so for right now I am happy with this...


I am praying he and our relationship improves. I am trying not to nag as much, so I guess we are all improving....


Thanks for the advice everyone

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well if he has an obsessive ex that's not much he can do but to tell her off, be patient as he is not in controll of what she does. (he's trying ok?)


So well, if things are looking more better i would mature and steer things continuesly in the right direction but not pushing it over the limits(although at this point you haven't reached that by far) It seems that he has a long way to go, you need to maintain your patience, and when things go wrong give it another day to give it another shot, don't let the bucket flow over tho. Balance is important in your relationship.

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Well Win has been at his job for about 3 months now. He is still liking it, but stated last night, "that he was kind of depressed" I told him that he should do what he thinks is best. He learned that a co worker of his only makes $32,500.00 after working there for 2 years. Well I replied back "You make $25,000.00 and after two years, you get that much of a raise that is really good." He replied "I guess I am just impaitent' LOL


Anyways we have gone through some things these past few months, lost a baby by choice, and actually became closer aferwards, and some things have improved, and some things are stronger.


Also, he is better for the most part. The ex hasnt called in a few months, I think since March or so?? So that is really good.


How is everyone else doing?

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