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very much in love

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About a year ago, I became involved with this women. She said she was bisexual. As we went along, it got to a point where I wanted to be intimate with her. I am very romantic. I believe in roses and little gifts. I noticed she start pulling away. Now, here is where it get bizarre. My father was murdered by two hookers and I have reason to believe that this women is one of those women. I dont know what to do. Do I confront her? I love her, I do. Lets go to seniorio number two. She just wanted to get the attention so she pretended to be bi. At this point, I dont know whats going on. Can your readers offer some suggestions. Thank You. Signed real confused.

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Wow man.. I have to say, that's some * * * *ed up * * * * right there.


1st.. what reason do you have to think that she is one of your father's murderers? Is she a prostitute?


2nd.. If so WHY are you with a hooker?


3rd.. How do you know it was two hookers he was killed by.. if they never found the killers?

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