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mean, or just funny?

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hi guys!

ok, my ex and i broke up like 7 months ago b/c he wanted to, not me, and i'm definitely not over him. he moved all the way accross the country for a year, adn then he's coming back in aug.

so tonight i was at the bar, and random guys i wasn't interested in were asking me for my number, and i always give a fake name and number if i'm not interested, but today, my fake name came out, and so did my ex's number!

at first, i thought "oops!" and then i thought "PERFECT!"

my fake name and his number, hahahaha!

if i'm not interested in a guy why not?

it's better than that mean hotline! but am i just being mean to my ex or what? after that i gave my fake name and ex's number to a couple of other guys.

is this cruelty? or is it ok? i was thinking of doing it for a while, at least till i was sure some people called him...at least it seems like they acccidently got the wrong number instead of some awful mean one? right?

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Your heading says.."Mean or just funny?"...


Well if you have to ask then I think you PROBABLY know the answer...


Personally, I think it's pretty juvenile. Rather than be mean and spiteful, have them buy you drinks all night....then graciously say "thank you".

Then leave alone. No reason to be mean. These guys have never done anything to you.

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Never mind your ex, I think you are being really mean to these guys whom are interested. It's fine if you aren't, but the mature and respectful thing to do is to let them know you are not interested and that's it, don't waste their time or their money (buying you drinks or trying to call you) if you are not interested.


Think how you would feel in the reverse situation.


gradle...you have been through a lot, and gone through a lot of disrespect onto you, but no reason to pass that around to others. Treat others with class, and respect, and you can never look bad or regret it.

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