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Hey!people, listen to me! I am pissed off. I am studying abroad here in America. I am the only Japanese female in the college. About 6months ago, one japanese guy came to the college. and we were getting along since we had something common such as language. He had a girl friend somewhere in America. But, somehow he flirted with me. So I fell for it because I am so gullable. and the way he acted made me think that he liked me. I knew that he had a girl friend and I had never wished for them to break up nor would I want to take her place. I just liked him.

My friend came to see me from Japan about three months ago. She and he were getting along as well. and I was happy about it. After she left, he asked me about her. but he kind of hesitated to ask about her because he knew that I liked him. He wasn't sure though. I didn't mean to like him (if you know what I mean.) I don't know how to explain it. then I talk to my best friend, and she made me realize that he was wrong. By then he noticed that I'm hurt, and he kept calling me and I never answered. Later I spoke to him on the phone, AND I EXPLODED. I told him everything!! I think that he is a total jerk! He is leaving to Japan tomorrow anyways.

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