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I feel like my life is worthless

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Hey all,


I broke up with my gf about 1 month ago. We needed to break up and i know that. However, now i feel so depressed because im sure no one is ever going to love me. Its so scary to think that your going to go through life alone.


But a bigger problem, i keep on getting depressed because i can just imagine other guys having sex with her. I dont know why i do, but just thinking about it makes me so dammed depressed. I cant help but think of her in bed with another guy.


Please help. I know this is a stupid post, but its really been getting me down as of late.

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It's not a stupid post. I've felt the same exact way about several exes.


Well, I think what you need to do is everytime you catch yourself thinking about her with another guy, think about the bad things she did in the relationship and how she will do those again with the new guy.


What I end up doing is keep beating myself up over thinking about her with another guy until it eats me up so much I eventually stop caring. It works but it hurts...

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Hey man, I had the same problem with my girl, and actually felt the same thing of thinking about her having sex with other guys. What helped me get through everything is doing stuff I have never tried before and that would actually help me in long run. Sorry if i cant be much more help but it does eventually get better.

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What makes it worse is that im a really sensative guy. Im the kind of guy who writes romantic poems, takes girls out to restraunts and would rather have sex with them to be complete.


Its hard to remember all the bad things she did to me, even though i know there was alot. Unlike her, i can only think of the good things in the relationship.

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First of all let me say that your post is not stupid. I am at about the one month point myself on a break up with my BF. Initially you do feel like you will never find some one else to love you. Break ups can make some one feel lost, confused and concerned about their future relationships. The depression is part of it as well. I agree that is hard to imagine your former partner and lover making love with some one else. You are not alone in your feelings. I was wondering what your age is. I am 48. Its been difficult but I have accepted that whats done is done on the break up and that no matter my age, that I have alot of time ahead of me to find a wonderful person in my life again. I was married once to a wonderful man for 28 years and he died 2 years ago, and a year later I became involved with a man that lied and cheated. Moving on is hard either way. I wish I knew what to say to help you through the thoughts of imagining your ex gf with another man. Hopefully you can get your mind involved in other things and activities. I wish I could be of more help at this point.

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Hey Casket,


First off I like to say that your question is not stupid. I know you are going through alot of pain right now. I know that there are many of us and myself included has endured this type of pain once or twice in our lives. I know that right now you can only think the good things that she has done in your relationship. I wish there is magic word that I could say so all this pain would all go away. Try to focus on something else beside this and stop beating up yourself with this. Hang in there and be strong for yourself.

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Thank you all for your kind words. I dont know how im going to make it through this hard time, im sure it will take a long time.


I dont think i want to let another girl into my heart, i dont want to set myself up to be knocked right back down.


Thanks again

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You'll make it all right and you'll be smarter and stronger.

Don't hesitate to ask for help here since plenty of us are on the same road. These people have helped me immensely and life is looking sweeter.


When you imagine her with another guy, try to imagine a diappointed look on her face. He might not be all that.

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