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well, I've been growing my hair for a while. I had to cut it down considerably about a month ago, but since then it has grown amazingly fast... The thing is I cut all around to about half the length, except my bangs that I took only an inch or so, because I thought that before cutting it down, my bangs were too short compared to the hair on the back of my head. The thing is that I dunno why, but my bangs seem to be the part that has grown the least. The back has grown a lot. The top has grown a lot too, but not nearly as long as the back. But the bangs haven't grown as much as I would have liked them to... It sucks big time. It's like I'm genetically programmed to have a mullet or something? (No, I don't have a mullet, but I bet if I stopped getting haircuts, the difference between the bangs and the back of my hair would keep getting bigger until it did look like a mullet, lol). Does this happen to anyone else? Like different parts of your hair grow differently than others?

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