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1 year coming up and i couldn't be more happier

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ok so my ex dumped me 1 year from this saturday!! we'll call him brad okay so brad dumped me for differnt reasons. i have heard 2 of which. one was because i never wanted to go out, another was i didnt give him sexual pleasures. in the year we have been broken up i think we may have talked 5 times. we'll back in october me my new boyfriend, my friend, her boyfriend(gary) and brad all went to the movies.brad is friends wit gary. so anyway he got mad at gary ,because he thought it was ackward to see me there with my boyfriend. Brad dumped me by the way. and i have been with my new boyfriend for over 8 months!! and i was so happy that brad went to the movies wit us that night so i could show him that i was happy. but any way brad and i were together for 4 months. Brad only had one girlfriend since the break up and that only lasted 2 months. i know this sounds really bad but i m just so happy in this realtionship and brad hurt me so bad. he told my friend that we dont talk because i wont talk to him but in reality he wont talk to me but o well i dont need him i m happy without him!!!

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me and my ex of 5 years broke up a year from this saturday, and im still depressed... I miss being with him so much we just started seeing eachother again about 2 months ago, but 5 days ago he started seeing someone else and he does not talk to me anymore. I think im going to be alone for ever. I'm happy for you that you are happy I hope maybe one day ill be happy too!

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