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Should I break up with him or just give it time?

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Ive been seeing this guy now for about 2 weeks, we met because I always go to his work pretty much everyday and I thought his friend was hott so I left a note on his car well that guy had a gf but said sean (the guy im dating) liked me.. So he gave sean my number and we texted like non stop all day.. It was like that for a while we would text eachother and talk and play 20 questions.. We hung out a couple of times, we just went driving around in my car. Well anywaze then he txts me and asked if i would be his girl and that he was asking over the cell cuz he didnt know when it would be next that he saw me. Anywaze Monday he was supposed to get his car tagged and he was out driving around all day well he texted me that night and told me he didnt get tags just the inspection and stuff and that he got pulled over on his way to my house and that the cop told him to go striaght home. Tuesday I text him and asked whats up and he replyed with "got tagged" okay anywaze he didnt txt me back at all tuesday. So wensday i didnt even bother and then I was driving with my sister and he pulls up next to us and i didnt say anything to him nor look at him much (i was driving) but he told my sister that his phone broke and it would be a few days before it would be fixed.. So i go home and at like 9 at night i look at my phone and see that he texted me sayin "hey baby whats up" i replyed and said i thought ur phone was broke. he appartently got it fixed.. we texted for a bit and i asked if he was ganna come by and he said not tonight cuz he was out of gas but that he would tomorrow (which is today) anywaze i texted him and told him i was going to get tea and stuff and no text back.. I texted him a few times with no anwser so i thought he was sleeping so I put "well im guessing your asleep so call me when you get up cuz i dont work and ill sleep all day but you calling will wake me up.. He worked 11 to 5 today.. Anywaze today and i didnt get a call nor a text.. I texted him around 6 and said whats up? no reply and so i msged again with "are you coming to see me tonight' still no reply and its been almost an hour!!! ANYWAZE.. So this is ticking me off, not only have we not even been out on a real date but half the time he ignores me or something!!! So I was thinking about just texting him right now and saying "well thanks for texting me back later" and then just going out. But another part of me whats to text him and ask him if there is a reason he has been ignoring my texts. And then its like I want him to know that this stuff makes me really mad but I dont want to sound to pushy cuz we havent been going out to long. So what would you guys do?

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hmmm I think for now you should just let it go, cuz you've messaged him a bunch of times and it doesn't look like he's gonna respond anytime soon. wait for him to get back to you, either texting or calling, whatever it doesn't matter. when he does, maybe suggest hanging out, and let him know how you're feeling. you don't wanna be pushy but he has to know that it makes you mad if you guys are gonna go out again... so maybe just talk about it and plan for an actual date. see if this guy is really worth it... i'm kinda wondering why you care about him so much (no offense) just cuz you originally liked his friend but he's taken... if this sean guy isn't that great for you, maybe just take some time and wiat til u really like someone- maybe sean just feels pressured from you since u guys havent gone on a real date yet eh??

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