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2 totally random questions...

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1. i think i might be getting a cold sore on my lip. the area is a little bit red and puffy but it doesnt hurt- im not sure if its a cold sore. anyway, if it turns out to be a cold sore, should i throw away the lipgloss that i used this morning? anyone with experience have any advice?



2. does anyone know how to fix discolored suede? its hard to explain but i recently got a pair of tan suede loafers and they look discolored in certain areas, like on the backs, maybe where i was rubbing my heels on the carpet. i tried dabbing it with a wet towel, did nothing to help.


thanks guys, hope all is well!!

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IN reply to your questions


1. I have never had a cold sore problem personally, but logically its seems that throwing out the old lip gloss might be a good idea. IF it is a cold sore I am sure you know there are topical treatment lip balms and ointments for that.


2. For the suede shoes using a small wire bristled brush made specially for suede shoes and gently brushing up the area might do the trick. Most shoe stores and department stores that sell shoes will have a small care kit for your shoes, that is relatively inexpensive , that might include a brush and some type of spray to keep your suedes in good shape.

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