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Internship for valuable experience - did I choose the right one?

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I start an internship on Monday that I've been eager to start for weeks. I actually had 3 interviews for it. I'll intern as a regional coordinator for a media services company - one of the biggest in the world. They're going to pay me even more than I requested during the interview. I'm majoring in Marketing and minoring in Psychology. The first interviewer said that it's possible to earn a full-time position as a consumer researcher later on.


Ultimately my goal is to work in market research, but this field/area certainly parallels it. At this point, I'm exploring my options so to speak. There aren't surveys involved or the like, but it definitely involves numerical analysis and studying consumer behavior to get clients the best bang for their buck with different means of advertising. The pay is outstanding and the place is located by my house. It sounds very promising.


For those of you with good insight into the field of marketing - any feedback?

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I know little about the ins and outs of the marketing field, so you may want to listen to someone who does first. But in my opinion it sounds good. Good pay, good location, and the potential for growth. It's related to what you want to do, so you will be gaining valuable experience. And most of all, its something you seem excited about. If you are looking forward to it, thats a good sign its something good for you.

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