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on so today when i came home from school, i heard some terribly news from my mother. she told me that we were bankrupted and we had to move out of the house ASAP. i have 3 choices where i can move to, live with my grandma which is 30 minutes away from my school, so she can drive me to school so i can be with my buddies, or i can live in a city with my dad which is 1 hour away, which means im gonna have to attend a new middle school, or i can live with my mother in her new apartment at the beach, which means im gonna live 7 hours away from my original spot and meet new friends.


i dont know where to go...

i mean i wanna stay close to my friends till we graduate

i wanna live near a beach so i can learn to surf, and this area has one of the nations top football teams, (i plan on getting a scholarship from football to college)

so yeah

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Go with mom. A mother needs her kids around her. Grandma raised her kids. Dad loves you I"m sure.. keep up a good relationship with dad. But go with mom. It sounds like a great opportunity for you to learn new things, meet new people. And help mom cope... being bankrupted is upsetting to her. She needs you right now.

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Haven't you been living with your step dad for quiet some time now? If you feel he is abusing you, stay with someone else. There is a big difference between abuse and being disciplined. Defending yourself is one thing, resorting to violence is another. Use a bat on him and go to jail for attempted murder with a weapon. I know you can be a hot head at times, get yourself under control and think like a man. Your mom needs you to be helpful and not to cause additional problems.

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