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No Contact...ended yesturday

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So we had no contact for almost a month....I sent him a text to see if we were going to hang out as we planned. He replied he would think about it...I said you have had a month to think about it so forget it I'll find other plans no big deal.


The next day he sends me a text...do you want to hang out today? I said Why?

Because I think we should

Should I be scared?

I think we should hang out because I'm not mad and I think we should hang out and get along.


So I met up with him we talked for 3 hours of course my crying through most of it. He was telling me he misses me...for what we had...Getting along just having fun no worries in the world and thinks we should start hanging out again...Strictly as friends and maybe it will turn into something more if we stop fighting.


I said thats all fine but won't it be better if you keep missing me and me not being in your life...you will be able to figure out what you really need and want with out me being around to annoy you and getting in the way of finding out what you need....>he agreed....we are going to keep on noc contact...>It hurts so bad knowing that he still wants to be in my life but we both know for now we just can't. Not until he can treat me better or until I can learn that we are better off just friends.


Do you guys think I did the right thing by telling him that we should start hanging out again?

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Nikkers, I think you made a very wise decision. I know your heart tells you differently, and that you feel sad. However, I think the NC you proposed was VERY VERY wise of you. You will thank yourself later, believe me! Of course it hurts. It might even feel like you cut yourself in the fingers. But you didn't. There is no in between, like a grey zone for a 'sort of relationship after a break up'. Well, there is, but it is really not worth the pain (at least in my case). So just stay strong, and keep up the good work.



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Hey Nikkers,


I think you made right choice of continue on with "NC". Give yourself time to heal and prepare for what ever the future holds for the both of you. You don't want to rush back then have it fall apart only months later. I truly believe that if it's meant to be for you guys to be together. Two of you will come together as one again. Hang in there and be strong for yourself.

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