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im lost

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alright so it has been almost 4 months since the break up of my ex and I. she cheated on me badly she went and slept with another guy and then hid it from me and still kept telling me all these nice things like " ohh yeah were always gonna b together and all that stuff" well anyways its been a long time and well she still calls and im tired of it. i have told her not to call me anymore but she doesnt listen and its not like ima change my numba just for her you get what i mean? well anyways whenever she calls i tend to answer and kinda weird but i still wanna be with her. but then i look and think about all the stupid things she did to me and i get so mad that i just want to rip her into pieces. well anyways now i started college and i have so many things to take care of but she still comes into my toughts and prayers and im just sad at times i blame myself for pushing her away and having her sleep with another guy. and at times i tell myself that its not becuase everyone is in control of their own destiny so if she did it, it was becuase she wanted too. anyways. now she is going back out with the guy she cheated on me with and im having trouble coping with the situation. its hard trying to talk to girls cuz i dont know i have the fear of being cheated on again. i know im ready to move on, but at times i just tell my self to look twice where im stepping. i just wish i found some one who i could trust, but doesnt everyone?](*,)

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Ge to know people, that's honestly the only thing I can say. Open yourself up bit by bit after you get to know someone, and you'll find that you can probably trust them. It's actually a wise descision to be cautious where you're stepping, but don't bury your personality under that caution, there are plenty of people you can trust out there, you'll just have to find them, or let them find you.

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Do not let one person f*ing with your trust rule your way of thinking for the rest of your life. Yes, you would be stupid to not take what has happened to you in the past, learn from it, and incorporate it into your future. Don't overdo it though. Don't put up a wall infront of you because you are that afraid of being hurt again. You will kick yourself in the face because you will start to push people away and not even realize it until they are gone. Open up and trust people. Instead of distrusting people until you know them, trust people until they give you reason not to. Be positive. The world is so much more beautiful a place when you do.

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