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Im off to spain in a few days now. Im scared of the future. Im scared of it being certain that its without her now. 4 weeks ago was the last time she was in my life. It feels like she has disappeared of the face of the earth. My best friend and girl for a year. i feel like i am betraying her if i meet somone else in a club. All i can think about is that she is doing this too. I thought by now NC would have helped me but its getting worse. im going to take a break from here for a while. Even though its been a place of such support. Maybe if i learn to take support from myself and others i can really overcome this.


Thank you for all for just being there.

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DONT WORRY dude it gets easier ..i am in month four...and still to this day..this was the love of my life..i dont care what any loser sais..thats what i feel..i still think about her..why things happened , but as time passes you just stop picking your brain too much and start focusing on your life..have fun, be safe.

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I once left a girl I cared about to go to Sweden. I thought I was making the most unfortunate mistake of my life. Turned out there was no such think as a "right" or "wrong" answer to my delemma. It just turned out to be another turn in the road of life. I could have stayed home with a supportive girlfriend and community. But I would have missed one of the best times of my life and never would have met some of the best friends I've ever had. It hurt to think about her and I still think about "what if" sometimes. But I would never take back my decision for the world. And it sounds like this girl may be ready for you when you get back? If so you're doing better than me. The girl I left got fed up and nearly burnt all of my stuff (which she was storing) in her front yard. So, just take pride in the decision you made and have a good time in Spain. And if you get the chance to do much traveling I would highly reccomend the night train from Budapest to Prague. It's an adventure every time.

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Hi Lewis,


Be strong. We all know how it feels to lose someone we thought was our soulmate. I still feel it after 4 months. But the thing is, these ex's could call us or contact us at any time if they really wanted to 'be' with us, even during NC. I for one don't want to hear that someone loves me anymore unless they plan to actually DO something about it and give me chance again. I'd rather not talk to them, because it only makes it worse NC doesn't push people away, when someone loves you and wants you, nothing would get in their way.


Have a good time in Spain. Just enjoy the time you have there and do some healing. Read some self help books like 'Zen and the art of falling in love'. It will help you see things a little clearer. Have a drink for me xxx

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