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I don't get it..!?


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OK...why is it that a guy might seem soo interested in a girl, so into you for a while and out of nowhere, simply vanishes without a word?! I mean what's with that? just when you were starting to like him! i'ts been like week and half since we last talked...I guess he thought I wasn't interested atfirst..but i was just trying to read him...what to do?!

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The guy probably did this because he thought to himself that you didnt like him or thought he had no chance with you. Usually guys will think they're wasting there time if the girl they are trying to pursue doesn't like them and move on to pursue someone else. If you like this guy, give him a call and ask him to go out and do something with you. He will probably say yes and this way you guys can catch up on stuff and maybe pursue a relationship.

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I actually sent him a lil message on one of the sites that he is on.I just wondered if he was ok. I am pretty sure he doesn't check that site alot because he told me so,but I don't know if he likes me anymore..I will feel awkward if I call him because the last time I talked to him, he said he would call, and I am not sure if he even tried to call! I don't know! it's just so hard because I was really starting to like him. Now I am forcing myself to not think about him

**Sighs** oh well

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