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Haven't heard anything about him since..

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We had a very destructive relationship for many years and finally he broke up with me for good. I accepted and we were supposed to be friends but I realized we will never be able to since we had strong feelings. I tried to contact him a few days after the breakup but i felt he didn't really want to talk. He was really upset with me and regret the time we spent together. He ignores me when he meets me and that really hurts. I moved on with another guy since but i feel so hurt by his behaviour. When i read other posts I see that you other guys normally keep in contact with your exes and I used to do that with my other exes, but obviously this one doesn't want to and I'm afraid to contact him to see how he's doing. He might hang up the phone. I don't even know if he met someone new, noone have seen him around with anybody else, but maybe he's hiding her not to hurt me?! I really don't know. Anyway, I still think of him alot and I know I hurt him and he hurt me in our relationship, but now after 4 months we should be friends I think, or is that impossible? I don't want him back anymore because I feel alot better now but I can't stop thinking about how he's doing. Is this normal?

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it may be normal to feel that way but I am not sure it is true that most people keep in contact with an ex. But I think you should leave him alone particularly since you have a new boyfriend. Remember that this is not just about how you feel but also about how your ex might feel - why contact him if it might cause him pain.

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