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A weird situation..


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I was introduced to this girl by one of my buddies girlfriend. I have known her for about a month now and she acts very weird around me. I dont know if it is just flirting or if she likes me. But this is my situation. To start things off you should know she has a Boyfriend that she has been dating for 3 years, and she is with him because she feels comfortable. Anyways when shes around me shes flirts with me non-stop, she playfights with me, sits on my lap, makes me sit on her lap, and would somewhat cuddle with me on the couch when im alone with her. unfortunately i have started to like this girl, i dont know what to do about it because of her boyfriend, and i havent felt like this with any other girl before. At the clubs and when i am out with her and i talk to other girls and if she thinks i flirt with them, she tells me she feels jealous. Since i have met her i have seen her at least 2 to 3 times a week if not more, i talk to her on the phone everyday at least twice a day, and for some reason she tells me her problems and apparently things she hasn't even told her bestfriend let alone anyone but me. She tells me that her boyfriend doesnt really treat her well and doesnt really give her the attention. I dont know if she is really hanging out with me just to get the attention that i have given her because it makes her feel good, or if its just us connecting and becoming good friends, or if its just cause she feels something for me. I dont know what my options are right now because i am really starting to like her. I dont want to just blow her off because of my feelings to get over her and ignore her, or even just slowly move away from her because she will probably know something is up. I am very frustrated and i dont know what to do. If anyone could help me out and give me some advice that would be very appreciated.




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The best thing to do Jax is to talk to her. Tell her that you like her but that you're not going to do anything about it until she's finished with her boyfriend. She'll appreciate your honesty and she'll be confident that you won't cheat on her with someone else in the future.


Good luck

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my best friend is in this exact same situation... my advice would be that you really need to give an ultimatum almost.... you should defintly hang out w/ her, be friendly.. yada yada yada..... but if she is guiliting you into not socializing with other girls... it sounds like she just wants to have her cake and eat it too.... i assume her BF goes to a diffrent school? she is most likly usuing you as a crutch. and you deserve way better than that... she either needs to

A JUST be a friend

B Break up w/ her Boyfriend


easy to say from the outside looking in, but those are your best options in my opinion. Also, if you become just friends... dont let her treat you like a boyfriend.. it only makes it worse...dont allow yourself to be in a position for her to sit in your lap.... and dont call her all the time.... those are things her boyfriend can do

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I am not in school anymore and nor is she. Its hard to tell her how I feel because i have only known her for a month and what if she gets the wrong idea and then things get weird. I dont want her to break up with her boyfriend because then she has left her boyfriend for another guy. If she does that to him what is it to say that she wont do that to me for another guy if it came down to that. Why do girls have to be so difficult?

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