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Huge Weight Gain, Need Help

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Hey everyone. I just joined the forum, and I need some advice.

When I turned 15 I started to gain weight, but I didn't think much of it. But as time went by I continued to gain more and more weight. I was outgrowing my clothes very fast, I was constantly getting bigger. I've never had any problem wih weight in my family, so I could use some help. I really want to get back to my old weight, or at least near it.

Here's what I looked like at 140 lbs:

link removed


And here's me now, at 295 lbs:

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Any help is greatly appreciated.

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woah... go to the gym, work out 5x/week, start reading tips on how to lose weight from professional sites, etc... you have to seriously change your nutrition in a way that will influence the long-term affects (i.e. don't starve yourself for 2 weeks and think that will do the trick.) You need a serious change of diet. I'd suggest going to your local YMCA/gym and asking to talk with a trainer/nutritionist or looking up health websites. And most important of all, you need an attitude that speaks of commitment. i.e. you have to be persistent in your goal to lose weight, and not catch yourself sliding off of that.


I'm sure you can do it. Good luck.



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I'd first go see a doctor before starting an excercise routine.


Especially if you've put on a lot of weight in a relatively short period of time. They'll be able to tell you if it's something more than poor diet and lack of exercise--like an over active pituitary gland, or a iodine deficiency.


How is the rest of your family? Are they obese? Genetics play a big role.


Also at 295, you can do a lot of damage to your joints with an improper exercise routine.


5x a week is a lot to begin with, and can easily cause a person to burn out and fail in their goals.


Being as heavy as you are, you will notice results with a moderate excercise program (such as 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week), provided you correct your eating habits.

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My advice is somewhat different.


You may have a medical problem but you may have an emotional one. A lot of the time people become overweight because they are emotional eaters, eating to feel better, eating because they feel bad, eating to escape, eating in anger, depression etc.


Sometimes we are not even aware of why we overeat- try and identify the feelings that you experience when you eat. If you cant identify this then why not see a psychologist.


If it is a medical problem then see the doctor too, never the less you will need emotional support to help you through the weightloss, wether it be for motivation or identifying the underlying problem.


Good luck

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First off, go to the doctor to rule out possible medical issues, and to also give you the go ahead to start exercising, and consult a nutritionist to help you create a healthy eating lifestyle. They can also tell you exactly how much you are eating now, or what your bad habits are, and help you overcome them.


Start by walking, as it will be better on your joints at this point, or cycling (indoors if preferred). Start doing some weight training too, to add muscle which burns calories efficently.


Unless you have a true diagnosed metabolic disorder the answer is quite simple....you need to burn more calories then you eat. It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose a pound, so spread over a week this is a deficit of 500 calories a day which can be achieved by a combo of exercise and healthy eating. And you need to eat enough to keep your metabolism going.


It's a lifestyle, not a diet. These need to be changes you can live with forever, as stopping them will also cause the pounds to come back.


You need to make a CHOICE. It is not easy, there is no miracle, but realize you CAN do it, and STICK to it. No excuses. Decide this is a choice, and your choice is to be healthy again. This excess weight is NOT healthy. It makes you more prone to joint problems, heart disease, gastro-intestinal cancers, and a load of other things. Never mind the exhaustion and mental lows that come along with it.

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I agree with the others. Start by seeing a doctor to be sure that this is not a medical condition, get the "ok" to exercise. Then see a nutritionist. Join a gym and see if they will assign you a personal trainer.


In the meantime, keep a food diary. Write down everything you're eating and when- and record your feelings when you're eating too. This will help both you and the nutritionsit- to see if you're an "emotional eater".


Start by setting small goals.


First of all- 140lbs is too light- returning to that weight should not be your goal.


Set smaller, attainable goals- over time. A nutritionist and personal trainer can help you do that. The goals have to be realistic or you'll just set yourself up to fail and lose motivation. When you reach those goals. Reward yourself- but NOT with food.


But seeing a doctor and having some bloodwork done is definitely step 1.




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