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Not much of a poet.. but i'll call it "Flirt"


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This is not an accusation

This is merely a summation

I was told from the start

That I should take to heart

The fact that you are a flirt.


I took a chance and lept through the air,

Hoping to land in your arms.

The Taj Mahal was made as a gesture of love,

I fear the pedestal I built for you

Far surpasses that.


As hours became days,

And days became weeks,

It soon was clear

Though you call me darling,

And happily agree to a date,

There are four others

Riding on your coat tails.


What would you say,

If I asked you to stay

And pretend just for me?

You have motivated me

Beyond comprehension,

Now I will tell you the tale.


Why should would the most

Beautiful girl I've ever seen

Give me the time of day?

Surely she must see a glimmer in me.

While you were visiting friends during break,

I was home trying to shape

A body you would adore.


In roughly a month I was compelled,

To drop 50 of these extra pounds.

Now I can tell you didn't notice

But I am not yet done

Won't you please agree

To pretend and be mine?







I know I butchered punctuation entirely , and it might read more like a story.. but i thought id give it a shot. let me know what you think.

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Wow... that was nice... it took me back a few years. Back back back to HS. Where... I didn't want a BF perse..but wanted to date. I had 5 guys.. on the hook. And each other them knew about the other. Nooo hanky panky with anyone. We'd just go out to the movies or hang out.


And there was one particular boy who.. lived down the street. He wasn't what I would call handsome. He was sweet. Kept asking me out .. again and again and again. I just didn't date boys from my school. It was a small school. And even if nothing happened with anyone.. I didn't want a reputation. This boy played on the FB team.. was kinda popular.


Well.. a while had passed and I hadn't seen him. A long while. In fact, I thought he'd moved. And one day he knocked on my door to ask me out.

For surely I'd date him now.. he was going to a different school. I found out.. he used his grandmothers address. Convinced his parents to let him go to another school. This boy too.. was kinda buff... weight lifter.


And ya know... I went out with him a few times. Noooo no chemistry. It just wasn't there. We had fun.. but.. I can't remember how it ended. He just didn't call anymore...or I kept putting it off. We did stop seeing each other amiacbly... I think we had a conversation at one point where I told him... NOPE.. I don't want a BF. I am college bound. I am going to be someone!!!


Anyway... your poem reminded me of him. And the sacrifices that a boy makes for a girl he likes And... I really never FULLY appreciated how much he must have liked me till many many many years later.


I hope she comes around and does get to "SEE" you with appreciative eyes.

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