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when she stops returning phone calls..what does that mean?

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are you sure she got your messages? is there any other way of contacting her besides the phone? assume she never got the messages...would it hurt to try calling her again? what do you have to lose?


**maybe she is playing hard to get....like most girls do sometimes!!**

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Unless there's something going on with her you don't know about, sounds like you're toast. When a girl is interested in me, she calls even if it's just to talk or whatever.


I'd give her some time and then call once more, if she doesn't call back, move on. Three unreturned calls sounds unacceptable to me.

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Sure, many girls do that. Yes, in a perfect world women would reject us in our face instead of making us do the circus act but we are not so lucky. As a matter of fact I think most girls have done it at least once. If you have already called her twice and she isn't returning the call it's pretty clear that she has other things that she is more interested in.


If you absolutely want to contact her again you should probably send her an email or text message. If you call her and she is not responsive(if she actually picks up the phone) you will feel like an azz.


Just my $.02 from my own experiences.

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phew!..It sure did not look like that she wasnt interested in hanging out again, I mean there was absolutely nothing wrong with the first time, I've been in situations like this before and you get a vibe that a 2nd date isnt going to materialize and I've been right i'd say most of the time!..There's no way for me to find out if she is getting the messages that I left on her cellphone voicemail..I probably am gonna give her one last call/email tomorrow and then call it quits..it'd be strange if a 2nd time doesnt materialize coz I sure didnt see this coming..if she's playing hard to get then she sure's doing a good job but lets see what materializes tomorrow

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In the beginning of a relationship, if there is no immediate reason to call back, I'll usually wait a day or two before returning phone calls. But unfortunately if a guy calls multiple times and still doesn't hear from me, it's because i'm not interested. In which case though I'll pick up the phone and tell him so, to save him from a lot of guesswork.


It sounds like your lady may be lacking in that area. Some people find it easier to simply put people on ignore instead of 'fessing up to their true feelings, a tactic I don't agree with.

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If you've left her several messages, and she just isn't returning your calls, then I'd definitely vote that she's not interested. "Hard to get" is really juvenile when you get past a certain age, and it really doesn't do much else but confuse.


If you had called her a couple of times, and she was just too busy to return your calls for a couple of days, then fine. If you haven't heard from her in several days, then I'd definitely advise you to move on. I would never wait that long to return the phone call of a guy I'm truly interested in. Ever.

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