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Despite being warned not to date others in the same dormitory building, I hooked up with the girl accross the hall. We've been going out for close to 6 months.


Unfortunately, things between us have slowly begun going sour. Things between us aren't unbearable, but it seems that doing things with her often leads to petty arguing or just general unhappiness. Both of us are on good terms with our roommates, and the rest of the dorm in general.


And thus does my problem become more apparent. How difficult (awkard) do you think it would be to end things between us and still live accross the hallway from each other? I would rather not leave my room, and I''m fairly certain she wouldn't want to either. Would I be better off just staying with her for a few more weeks until school ends? Or should I call it quits and hope for the best?

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If it was me I'd do it straight away because she deserves an explanation. Leaving it until school breaks up is an easier option for you but I personally think it's a coward's way out of an uncomfortable situation. If you do it this way some people in your dorm might think you're a 'wimp'?


The final decision is up to you.


Good luck

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You might do better taking a less fatalistic approach. Why do you have to end it? You could try talking about things and trying to work it out. In the midst of that, you might make a better relationship or at least make it to the end of school. Or if nothing else, you guys could talk about the awkwardness of breaking up and living accross from each other and reach a mutual conclusion that would make things less awkward for the both of you...


Just some thoughts. Bottom line is to have a serious sit-down with her and see what comes of it...

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