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Only Sex = Not Ture

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We have been going out for three months. She thinks that a the main reason I am with her is for "doing stuff". I told her that that was so not true and I told her how much I loved her a told her I love her for her. I want to meet her family, spend time with her, ect.... I am not only in it for the that, of couse I enjoy it and want it, but so does she. I told her that I wanted to "do stuff" and I do talk about it alot more then I should. How do I expalin to her that its not ture, or do I say nothing and let time show her? Thanks.

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Stop talking about it because it sounds like you're making her feel like a 'piece of meat'! Try being romantic. Spontaneity is the key! When you walk down the street hand in hand suddenly stop and cuddle her and kiss her. Show her that you want to make her feel good in the relationship and that you don't just want her for sex. Give her a gentle pat on her bottom when she's near you. If she's talking to someone come from behind her and slip your hands around her waist. These are the things that all girls want from their guys/girls!


Trust me on this advice. That's what was lacking in both of my marriages!


Good luck

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