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When I'm up, I'm up, but when I'm down...boy, am I down...a nice little vent.

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sooo....i've only had 3 days so far to let my situation sink in, and i feel like every other hour my outlook on this is the complete opposite! At this moment, right now, i'm feeling pretty good very confident that i will get over my ex and move on - OR he will realize that the grass is NOT always greener on the other side and he'll come back to me (if i still want that), but regardless - I feel calm about the whole thing. Phew! and then i wonder how long this feeling will last - boy, i can't wait to try to go to sleep tonight! the past 3 nights i think i've slept about 6 hrs. - Tylenol PM is just calling my name.


anyway -

i have been reading so many of these posts - about being strong, the whole NC thing, not giving up hope, how to get him/her back, how to move on.....I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their situations and also giving advice to others - it has helped me a lot, just to hear others input - and not even with my own situation, reading about others, and then what advice has been given to them - what a great group of people!


but at the same time, it's only advice. and it's so much easier said than done!


my Ex emailed me the other day, a short quick one, he said that sat. (when it ended) left him in an emotional tunnel, that i am someone special in his life, i can't be replace (ah yes, but he is the one that wants to pursue another relationship with an old friend who just divorced and has a 3 yrs old - which was to save the marriage) - but he left it by saying he had to get his thoughts together and write to me later....ummm...okay, i'm just hoping that when he does write, i will have the strength to not respond - NC seems to be the #1 rule of breaking up, so as much as i am thinking what if it doesn't work and he forgets about me, i will try to also think that it's okay, i need to do this for myself, not to test him...sooo i have been trying to take all of the advice out there, so i keep coming back to this forum to remember that i'm not alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long it may take to get there - we can do this!!!!


okay, so this was definitely one of my better moments - so i thought i'd just share before i get that other feeling back...

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Hey red10,


You are right that "NC" is the way to go. I know that during this "NC" thing, what if he gets mad or forget you. Well, you have to know that "NC" is actually for you. NC buys you time to heal from all this pain and anguish that he brought upon you. I know is difficult to do, however like you said; you need to do this for yourself. You are never alone when you are on this forum because you found out that people really do care and understand how you are feeling although not exact to your situation. Pleaes use this time to heal for yourself, if your ex does forget you then is his lost. "If you truly love something then let go, if comes back to you then you know is meant to yours" Hang in there!!!

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okay, so this morning i woke up feeling aweful...the whole thing of "everything happens for a reason", "it's meant to be", .....aaarrrrrggghhhh....it's so frustrating, i miss him and i guess am in a bit of denial that he's actually doing this - i am driving myself crazy by doing this to myself, but it really is hard to just let something so meaningful go from everything to nothing...

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I'm sorry that you feel awful right now. You're right it's easier to say alot of these sayings than do them. JL301 is right, you are not alone here, we all have different situations but we basically all feel the same about them.


Up one minute, and down the next but thankfully we do have this forum to vent. I hope you feel better soon.

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it will be okay red. i am going through a very difficult time too and my heart breaks, it seems, every single day. i don't know what your beliefs are but this bible verse has really helped me i want Your will to be done, not mine." - luke 22:42


and you are right, he was the one that ended it. that is what i said in my last letter to my ex telling him that i was letting him go - i wasn't ending things - he had already done that himself. be strong! and this is your time, not his and not anyone elses. i had to do the tylenol pm thing for awhile so i completely empathize.

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