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I've been with my girlfriend for about 5 months now, shes a college student and i'm training to be a pilot. We met online, but we have been online friends for almost 3yrs. We've been really good together, we've had a good solid relationship, we spoke about everything and we really looked out for eachother. I spent new year with her and her family and I got on with them all so well...


But recently my girlfriend seemed really quiet and she was getting sarcy with me and when we spoke online she would just say 'hmm' or 'mmm' alot and not really talk about how she felt..etc I was getting frustrated because of her lack of talking and got annoyed on a few occasions. I really didn't mean to, I just wanted her to talk to me and tell me what was wrong. This evening we ended up arguing and she said that she has been quiet because sometimes shes scared of making me angry when she gives her opinion or disagrees with me. I apologised as I didn't realise she felt that way but she said a break might help us get on better. I went through the usual questions 'is there someone else.. don't you want to be with me anymore'..etc and she said she does want me and theres nobody else. I don't usually get angry with her if her opinion differs, the only time I get worried (which sometimes appears like im annoyed) is if she says something I feel might affect our relationship, but we always work through it in the end. I always tell her that I want to be her wall of stregth and if she feels down then she can talk to me no matter what it is. I always reassure her that i'm there for her, even if its about me, I will listen to her and work through anything with her, so I don't fully understand why she has become so reserved now.


I'm pretty sure she really wants this break, but its tearing me to bits for the simple reason that I love her with all my heart. She took my virginity and I took hers too. I did it with her because I truly love her and I saw my future with her. Now i'm scared because i'm worried this 'break' might end up being the end.

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