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Not a rare situation..How do i deal with it..Brothers..


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Ok my and my girlfriend are both 15 almost 16.. But heres the thing she has brothers that are about 18-24. She just told me about yesterday that her brothers are really protective of her and that they dont want her to Date until shes 17.. Its REALLY hard trying to keep it a secret! Because dont you think they would start to notice when shes always talking to me on the phone and going to the movies and stuff like that. Should we just keep it a secret? Or should i just go up to her brothers and tell them whats up ( not like i wanna fight them..) like tell them that i like there sister and ill take good care of her and all that other stuff? what do you think..

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I have 6 brothers all of whom are older than me and very protective, I would never be too scared to tell them and I am sure if they found out they wouldn't be too bothered.


I would suggest you have a chat with them and definitely tell them that you will take good care of her.

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Yea. Thats wat i was thinking. Well she really doesnt want her brothers to know because they are kind of the parents of the house since her mom works all day and there brothers are always there so they are pretty much In charge shes scared to talk to them because she doesnt want them to get mad at me and try to beat me up or soemthing

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