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No Consolation


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No Consolation

Just say goodbye and nothing more, close the door behind you and forget about me

Because I know I'll try to forget about you

Please don't stand there with that look on your face as if it hurts you more t han it hurts me

Or say that you're sorry this is the way things turned out, cause it means nothing to me

Its no consolation, it doesn't stop my eyes watering

Or my heart aching, my mind reminiscing, Its only been a week and I miss you already

Now I have to remove you from my life

The life we built with you as my pillar, my whole foundation will have to be replaced

Don't think that I hate you when I don't return your calls

Its just that I'm busy right now trying to not think about why you had to leave

So assume that I'm fine and go on with your life

If you must know how I'm doing however, right now I'm just going from day to day

Yes some days are harder than others

But they always come to an end at twelve midnight and I rejoice for each completion

Days turn to weeks and weeks to months

Till eventually I learn to live without you, however, this doesn't mean I don't love still

So fair well my love and take care

Living without you wont be easy but eventually I'll realize that the end of our relationship was not the end of the of the world.

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