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Erections...i hate them..:(


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Well i dont know if this happens to alot of guys but i get an erection probably ever 10 min or so,and its not that im thinkingof sex or anything but it has been like that all my life,and i like to use loosid pants and my equipments in not so small...Iven when im holding my girls hand i get one for no reason at all and it gets really anoying how i have to find a way to make it not show so much >_

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Dude your still a teen, with all the hormonal changes still going on in your body it isn't uncommon to get erections often. Dont get too caught up about it as its completely normal. Just laugh it off, it sucks sometimes...just dont take this sort of thing to seriously.


Heres a joke for ya- The top 10 most inappropriate times to achieve an erection are....


#10 - watching while your best friend is savagely beaten

#9 - while feeding baby carrots to a pet rabbit

#8 - at the climax of Schindler's List

#7 - while watching Brian Biggs pick his lunch out of his braces

#6 - while giving the eulogy at your grandmother's funeral

#5 - while washing the nubbly stub, "arm", of a war veteran

#4 - while writing a book report on Hellen Keller

#3 - at your first born child's baptism

#2 - while watching David Niemann "wipe out" in the hallway

#1 - at the Consecration of the Eucharist

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