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Is He Intrested?

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I met up with a guy that I have been IMing for a couple of months now. He's 20 I'm 18.


So I met up with him and discovered that he was very shy. Now I wouldn't consider myself to be the complete oposite but I would talk way more than he does. . .


You see the thing is, I usually date guys that are louder or more confident than me... so to speak. It was very awkward when we were together and we both knew we wernt being ourselves. He said stuff like "your prettier in person" to me which makes me wonder does he actaully like me. He's very good looking. I think it's rare to find a quiet but at the same time handsom guy! Usually co_ckiness takes over.


The thing is, even though he's really shy and nervous, I really like him. He is really funny online and we get on great (both obsesssed about music and like most of the same bands) but I wish the awkwardness would go away everytime we meet up!


It's very uncomfortable being around him but at the same time I'm glad I'm with him 'cause I know he's amazing. I start to feel very self consious when I'm around him and beacuse he's quiet I can't really tell what he's thinking so I said after about an hour "I've to get a lift home now" and we both said our goodbyes. Then two days later I text him just asking how things were and what did he think of the other day and he seemed very intrested sending me long messages and stuff.


I just don't know! Agh!

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He's just shy! Honestly, give him time. My friend was really shy in person but talked lots over msn and e-mails. It took him about 4 months to get over his shyness and be more open with me, and that was me seeing him just about everyday and talking non stop when I was with him! (because I'm really talkative!! and it made him feel less insecure) I always feel self conscious around him still, but that will go away with time.



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