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Anyone used St John's Wort?

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I started taking St John's Wort in November (340mg) for mild depression I was feeling. I have been on real anti-depressants (citalopram which is like celexa) and it was horrible and coming off them was absolutly terrible.

I didn't want to take anything prescribed from my doctors for it (I'll get into why in a min!). I read up that St Johns Wort is brilliant in treating mild to moderate depression so-much-so that in many parts of Europe it is prescribed to almost half of all people complaining about depression and in Ireland it is prescription only.

I'm not sure if I feel any better or not and now I think I could come off them but am a bit scared as to how. Coming off the citalopram took months of trying different doses and staggering them and trying not to go nuts! Because they aren't prescription here or regulated in anyway there is not even intructions on how to take them in the box!

Anyone done this?


A little rant about my doctors:

A couple of years ago my doctors surgery (as they all did) got computerised. Now when you go in you'll get checked out as usual but then the computer runs what is almost a 'wizard' on what to prescribe! It takes into account any conditions and allergies you may have and any other drugs you are taking. It will then bring up a list of suggested drugs, click the one the doctor feels like then it suggests doses. The doctor chooses one and the computer will pop up side effects etc. I feel like I could do that! It's like they don't even have to think about it. Anyways...

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I am like you. I have mild depression but refuse to take any medication for it. I just do not like any types of drugs in my system no matter what type it is, from cocaine to Bayer.


My mother suggested a more natural course and I used St. John's Wart for a few months along with a few other natural remedies that I forget at this moment. Unfortunately, I did not feel the results, but my mother said she saw gradual results. It is a slower process than prescription drugs but I guess it can work if you have the patience and you follow through on what the doctor advises to do along with the medication (meditation, prayer, affirmations, ect.) At least that's what my doc told me. She was a natural doctor by the way, if there is a difference between her (she worked in her apartment) and my other doctor who of course had an office. But I trusted her completely because she was certified and critically acclaimed for over 20 years.


Since I am not an affirmation type of guy, and since I am too scatterbrained to concentrate and meditate, I stopped. Basically I would've wasted my money and time if I didn't put in the 100% effort, which I tried to but ironically I was too depressed and hopeless to do so. But since I know the root of my problem, I am working on that instead of relying on utside forces. I hope you can benefit from it. From what my mom tells me, it works wonders, but you can't just sit and wait for it to take effect. You and your mind are part of the solution believe it or not.

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Yeah I tried it last year but I didn't think it worked for me at all.


It did nothing to perceptibly help me and in the end I realised that part of the reason I was down was reactive not clinical...


As for the experience at your Doctor's surgery, I'd recommended moving to another practice pronto! That sounds completely ridiculous. My surgery too went computerised but my GP prescribes anything I take without any reference whatsoever to the computer.


Depression is really something about why you need to talk to someone who knows how to help. There are so many factors.


When I was coming off Prozac (2 years ago now) I remember my Doc telling me that one of the biggest reasons people find it hard is that they expect the AD's to have stopped them ever getting down again which is just not the case. We all have down days/weeks etc it's just knowing the difference between something that will pass and something that's a chemincal inbalance and gone more into clinical depression for which you can get help.


Hope that makes sense. Remember too that what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for someone else and vice versa.

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Thanks for the help guys.


It can help. However, it has a half-life of 8-10 hours, so you need to take a dose every 8 hours, otherwise you won't build up a therapeutic level.

I did not know this although I was sure it is not exactly that strong even for what seems a large does (340mg).



So has anyone STOPPED taking it? That's what I worried about the most, coming off it without causing problems.


Thanks again

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