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Bad voice - Don't want to lose job and confidence

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Sometimes I'm so devastated by my voice. As my job requires me to do lots of presentations, my bad and soft voice always frustrates me by preventing me from presenting successfully. And this has caused awful consequences on my self-esteem.


My presentation materials are well-organized and my appearance is fine. It's just my voice that makes me feel disgusted and it becomes the major obstacle in confidently getting messages accross to people. I feel hopeless because I don't know how I can improve my voice, which is a natural-born thing. I mean, if I'm dissatisfied with my appearance, I can have plastic surgery. But what can I do with my bad voice? In the place where I live, there's no voice coach or similar service. I tried to persuade myself to accept my bad voice but every time I open up my mouth to speak I just can't…


I think my job is meaningful and I don't want to change my career path just because of this silly voice…


Does anyone have the same problem? What do you do to overcome it? Thanks…

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There is a fantastic book out there called Freeing the Natural Voice by Kristin Linklater. You can order it from Amazon. I'm sure other online bookstores carry it as well. My old vocal coach uses this text. I really liked the book.


I suspect though you are being overly critical of yourself. Has anyone ever actually came up to you and said you have an awful voice? You said your voice is low and soft. First... there's nothing wrong with a female having a lower voice, it is very sexy. Soft... you probably just aren't projecting properly. This book can help with your projection. Speaking is about breathing, breath support, and opening our mouths enough


We are our own biggest critics. I have to remind myself of that all of the time!

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a bad voice......if your not looking to get into a singing career then i don't see the problem.. i know some women can have deep voices and almost sound like a man but i don't think they sound bad. a soft voice is nice for a woman and i'm sure lots of people enjoy hearing a sweet soft voice. confidents alone will get your message accross.....doesn't matter the voice. its what you say , how you say it and how confident you feel about what your saying.


now i know if you hear youself on tape ........you will think you sound weird but others don't think that. your just not use to hearing yourself talk, your voice... i remember the first time i heard my voice on tape....i couldn't believe i sounded like that...i didn't like my voice on the tape, wasn't how i thought i sounded but i don't give it much thought. be proud of who you are and how you sound.

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Indeed I've thought a lot about voice projection but I've never thought about breathing techniques...


sassa, thanks, I will definitely check out the book!


I would love to have a low and sexy voice (I would spend a lot to buy one if I can). But the fact is my voice is a high-pitched, soft and girlish one. Only good for singing sorprano in choir, bad for speaking.


I might be overcritical about myself. But during a training session in which I presented for 15 minutes, my commentators all pointed out there's something wrong with the way I sound. And one of them said there's something about my voice that doesn't sound assertive enough (She's not malicious because her judgements are always accurate and sensible).

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My bad! LOL I don't know where I picked out low and soft voice now that I reread your post I can only blame my lack of coffee consumption this morning.


I used to speak in a somewhat high voice, my vocal coach determined I was speaking in a voice higher than my natural voice. I have a nice medium tone now. I know you said there are no vocal coaches where you live... what about a school with a speech teacher or a music teacher? They might be willing to give you some lessons or refer you to someone. Just a thought

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