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It does not have to be like this.

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Hello to all of you wonderful people, going through, in what my opinion is the most ballbreaking emotional torment a person can encounter, nothing else on earth which i have endured even begins to suck the joy out of everything you do in the same manner as losing the person you think about everynight before you go to bed, and every morning when you wake up...........................but it does not have to be like this.



Please understand, several months ago i was a slobbering mess, the woman of my dreams had left me, and all i had left was a big friggen pile of questions, the first of which, was "what did i do wrong"?.


But things change, in my opinion, life is not long, it is short. And, by the time most people understand this, it's to late. Don't waste your time trying to control uncontrolable situations. I mean there are so many things in life we can't do anything about, so quit worrying about those, and start focusing on things you can do something about. Look deep, deep inside, to that person, the person you've always known you could be, the person that when you were younger you imagined yourself being, and unleash yourself. The last thing the world needs is more people wandering completely self absorbed, put others first, speak and act from a position of unconditional love. Pick a issue, that you feel strongly about and attack, wether it be battererd women, or homless children, or gun control or whatever. Make your life matter!!!!!!! Don't waste it pining. Use this situation as a spring board to become a humanitarian, use all of this energy, and apply it to something greater than yourself, start a non-profit foundation, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or homless shelter. Be generous with your life and love.......and think of a bigger picture than just yourself...................people need help, and now you have time to help them, take advantage.


Life is short, make it count.................



Someone else doesn't want your love, screw em'

there are plenty of people out there who do.......make a difference,

and i promise someday you will look back, and wonder how you were ever so upset over something like a relationship, which was never meant to be.


Your life does not have to be like this, it can be like whatever you want.


Be genorous with your love..................many, many people need it.


thank you

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Hey goofy,


Great post, it will take time to heal because the pain so great. But your words are really inspiring and that I will take it to heart. I just feel much pain right now and it just really unbearable. Life will be okay because I'm going to make it through this.



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In no way am i downgrading the anquish, man......it's friggen terrible. And i don't truly know any of you, but what i do know is your on this website, you have feelings, we are the people who care, we are the ones who posses love, and we want to give it away.................which would leave me to believe the people who are on this site posess a power which if directed could do tremendous things.

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i lived in Kc on 10th and broadway for 2 years, the royals are not good, that was enough to make me want to move back to st.louis..........the plaza is wonderful around the holidays, so you guys got that going for you................along with all the motherfing fountains.

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"nothing will pull you out of a hole, like working hard at work worth doing"

Theo Roosevelt, Find something to invest yourself in Overland Park, it's similar to not putting all of your eggs in one basket, don't put all over your love in one person, spread in around to everyone that needs it, think of yourself last, you will see change, in everything.

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Once again, Am i the only one who sees it, people on this site actually, take time to help, congradulate, and compliment other people for no good reason, the people here are wonderful, and need to understand how wonderful and move on to bigger and more wonderful things, than sulking about a person, who obviously was not aware their is actually proof of how incredible they are, right here on enotalone.


thank you to everyone, this site is evidence that all is not lost.

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