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Going out while I'm shy :(

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Hey ppl, I'm only in grade 11 and recently I just started going out with a girl who is the same age as me, I'm really shy around her and I think it's kinda starting to irratate her, I don't know what to do, I feel as if I say something to her it might make her mad or it might cause her to not like me. I can talk to her no problem over the phone and MSN. But talking to her in person is a job to do. She tells me to act myself around her and to "just say something...even if it's something stupid"...I wish I could, I know she won't wait forever so i'm really desprite to start talking to her before she gives up on me...any tips or advice???....thx

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The easiest thing to talk about is movies. Just talk about any random one and she'll start talking about whatever. Use this if u have absoutley nothing to say. Otherwise just ask her thing likes how was your day, what did you do, things like that. If you want to get to know more about her, just ask random things like who her favourite band is, what concerts she has been to, things that tell u about her personality. There will always be conversations to go along with personal topics, and jsut go with the flo. Don't be afraid to share. Oh, and if she's the type fo girl who likes it, compliment her. That could make her day. TO find out is she likes complimets or not, simply compliment her and you'll be able to gauge from her reaction if she likes them or not. Just talk about random stuff! That's the most fun.

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Hey dude, u seem a lot like me when I had my first relationship with a girl (not that you are immature or anything), I had the problem that i couldn't talk a lot about sensitive topics in person, but needed to dicuss them behind a screen etc, and the same when other problems occurred. In the start I was also too shy to say nice things etc.


As Smilelikeyoumeanit says it would be nice to complement her close, looks, eyes or hair perhaps, and if it's hard to comeup with a good topic then just do like me. When you don't know what to talk about then think inside yourself what would make you happy to know about her, or how you would like to make her feel. When these thoughts ligthens up in your brain and you find somewords which has somekind of relation to this, then give it a go and start a conversation about things that interest you or perhaps would interest her. Could be activities you could do together, places you could go, things which has happened during the time which has gone by since you last talked. Things that does matter or are things you can talk about, just give it a go and take a chance mate, if you try it then you will succed...


but remember that you need to have faith and belief in that you can do this, you are able to have a nice and decent conversation with her. because if you are too scared or think "if i say something stupid or if what I am going to say doesn't fit into her mind, then she will go away" then you wont get anywhere... try it hehe I hope it works


Be yourself

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