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Is he just SAYING I love you???


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So, me and the old guy have been dating for about 3 months now. Things started slow, and we've been spending a lot of time together over the past month.


Now, he has this habit of opening up while he's drinking. Usually, the night results in a "Look, I am really starting to fall in love with you, but I'm not 100% there yet" comment, or "I am really falling for you"....etc. Never heard any of this while he was sober, I mean he says meaningful things, but the L word (or even close to it) hasn't been said, he always says "I hope you know how crazy about you I am".


So, anyway, it's just strange. I guess I know myself that I have a tendency to be more honest with my feelings after a couple of drinks (he was never DRUNK). It's just easier for me, especially because I know opening up means making myself vulnerable, and that is certainly hard for me to do. Anyway, I'm not sure whether to take these comments as for real, or just the same thing that guys end up saying to girls sometimes, without even meaning it.

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Hard to say, depends on his "drinking personality" really.


I mean, some people love everybody when they are drinking, whether they have known them twenty years, or five minutes.


For others, it helps them to say things they might otherwise have a tougher time coming out with!


If his actions match his words, and he shows signs of feeling that way when SOBER, it's an indication he probably is feeling that way though (aka if he is saying he is crazy about you while sober, that's a good sign he is falling for you....). I think he is just taking it slowly...I know I get in that stage I am bursting to say it, but wait a while longer, and instead talk about being "crazy" for someone....

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I'd be inclined to believe him if I were you. Yes, men can say meaningless things when they're under the influence, but your guy has been with you for 3 months already. There's obviously some emotional investment on his part!


Plus, he's saying the equivalent of ILY when he say's "I'm crazy about you." It's possible that the "L" word scares the heck out of him, so he substitutes something a little easier when he's sober. The fact that he's even alluding to it when he's sober lends weight to the fact that he says it when he's a little intoxicated.


Yeah, a guy might toss off an insincere ILY- but usually it's because he's got ulterior motives. (I think we know what those are!) But your guy- he's being pretty consistent with his words and actions. He's been dating you a while. And he's certainly not trying to put one over on you!


I think he's just slooooowly easing himself into the full-blown confession & admission of how he feels.


Take him at his word- I think it sounds like he's pretty trustworthy. Plus I read your post a few weeks ago, and I got the sense then that he was a "good one"!


I'm glad things are still going well. This seems to be progressing quite nicely.



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