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Its been three days I want her back now!!!

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ok here is what im looking for help with! But first a little history!


me and my ex were together for 2 years and we have had the best of times and the worst of times. well when we first got together she was using drugs and doing other stupid stuff that she claimed she wanted to stop doing. well she and i decided to get together as long as she gave it up..... how ever she wanted to continue to smoke weed!! now at first i never really seen a problem with it and i didnt do it at all but i was doing fine with it around me.


well things between me and began to bloom over time and i started to fall for this hard. but i didnt want to admit it to her or myself at all. only because i had been married and i have 2 kids from it and i think i just didnt want to get hurt. well more time past and i finally began to realize how much i loved her and that i needed to admit it. so i did, however something happened to me right after i did and i dont understand why it happeded.


i became this person i didnt know or was familiar with, i started rassy her about the weed smoking and started to demand it to stop. i started to lay down ulimadums like its the weed or me... and i mean i didnt even realize this be happening but i was doing for some reason that was a mystery to me.


i began to pressure her to do so and i was starting fights for no damn reason to. i also started targeting her friends who smoked weed as well by say i didnt like them and i didnt want her to go over there anymore and that it needed to stop..... bottom line is that i became a * * * * head hard f'ing core!


but the issue is i didnt realize it till i had talked to a friend and he put it to me this way he made me feel bad for riding her and trying to pick her friends.


well i went to talk to this friend on sunday and it was then he told me all i had done and how i was acting..... however i was supossed to be there tuesday but something came up i had to do it sunday!!


so i leave his house with this new look on my relationship and im thinking of how i want to go home and change to be right about all this, but there is a problem she broke up with me on saturday. and i have already heard how i should went to this friend on tuesday but i didnt and now im screwed.....


but i love this girl to much and i want her back and i have told her i want to change and that i am going to... but as we all know talk is cheap.... so what can i do to bring her home


i really want her home so bad!!!! i was thinking to read this poem i wrote her over the radio!! and i sent her roses and have wrote her letters which i am not sure if she has even read them at all....... the worst part is knowing what my wrongs where and not being able to show her im sorry.... and i am ready to make my self look stupid or anything for that matter.... please help thanx in advance

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dude she smokes weed...been theredonethat they quit on their own not because of someone else....i know it is hard..but if your not a druggie then move on



i aint one but i feel i shouldnt shun people for there lifestyles. i mean it really isnt that bad she was and still is the best women i ever had. i feel as if i love her more than i loved my ex-wife. and we were at one point going to get amrried x-mas eve 2007 we had the, we have the ring, not to mention we bought the dress!!!

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