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Not quite sure how to handle this one

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hey this post isnt about me as such, its that i have found out that one of my mates tried to go to his ex girlfriends house and kept telling her that he missed her and he kept trying to kiss her. Now for the problem- hes going out with my best friend, and i know that something like this would completely crush her, shes never been happier than since shes been going out with him. But i dont know what to do, should i tell her? would it really help? or do i keep it quiet and possibly hurt her more in the long run.

I cant decide what i should do, do you think i should talk to him about it or what? I dont want to cause anything bad between them because he is everything to her and i know how bad something like this would get her.

I know he was drunk and all but does it still mean that he likes his ex?

please help quickly

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