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Is she comming around or just nuts?

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Strange but good thing happened tonight. I really need some input on this as it could be a turning point. Tonight my girlfriend who I have been having these non passionate issues with, came over to hang out. I have been really down lately and today it really showed. Been affecting me at work, and socially. Well I told her today I was really upset. She came over and we watched a movie and cuddled. We do this quite often. See everything in the relationship is there except the intimate part lately. Well I have been complaining that she has not had any passion or lust for me lately also. She told me today deep down that I know it's not like that and not true. Well at the end of the movie, we started kissing. Lately when we start kissing, it feels bad and just ends up in little pecks from her and she was saying that I was forcing it. Well we kissed before like we haven't kissed in months. It felt amazing for how long it lasted. Not very long, but we used tongue and just was very deep. Here's where it get's tricky. I told her, honey I have been wanting to kiss you like that for so long. It felt amazing. SHE SAYS, then why haven't you? I almost fainted. I said, ummmmm cause you haven't been in the mood. Ane everytime we kiss, you don't seem into it. She said that I didn't seem into it also and I made no efforts to kiss her in a nice way. I said well every time I tried, you felt like I was forcing it. She said I never use my tongue anymore, bla bla...I was in shock. I said you were the one that crushed my ego and self esteem and how could I be into it when each time I tried to kiss you, you had an issue. I didn't want to start a debate as she had to leave. But I found this rather interesting. I thought 2 things, Is she getting her mojo back????? Or has she completely lost it? I don't know what to make of this. I'm trying to be positive cause I haven't felt so nice kissing her in a long time. Seems like she didn't hold back this time. People plse share your comments. Could this be what I have been waiting for? I am still going to chill cause I know how she is. This could be a 10 minute phase. hmmm

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Good morning Romantic!


I see this a small turning point because you both communicated. It may not have worked out the way you hoped but you two did get some pent up feelings and resentments out in the open. I see that as progress. See, there is some misconstrued feelings here and that is why it is so important to talk.


Maybe the type of kiss you gave her last night reached her in a way that has not in a while. Even though you have described before you tried to french kiss her but you have must have done something different last night. Maybe because you cuddled and spent some QUALITY time together before kissing, thereforeeee she felt safe and ready. You were taking your time, with pecks as you put it, then things got hotter.


Maybe let this sit for a day and then approach her on it. Like tell her you thought about last night and ask her how she felt and exactly what she meant. Then tell her how you felt and what is the best way to fix it. Maybe come to a solution together. Try to keep those lines of communication open. It's hard to give solid advice about this one because I don't know your GF's side or how she is feeling. But communication is always important.

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Thanks. Seems as if she goes in phases. Sometimes her emotions are like a roller coaster. I can be pretty steady with my emotions and can easliy be in a good cuddly mood. She can't. I'm hoping after her period is done, we can play. I can't even begin to tell you how long it's been. I just hope that when we finally have sex, I am into it and not so torn and turned off from her making me wait. Has anyone ever had to wait for a g/f to get in the mood say for a few weeks, you finally get down and dirty and you can't even get into it cause it seems your sex drive has been taken away cause of her or him? I hope i'm not in for that ride. I am waiting out even from masterbating so I can be just as excited and sensitive. Comments, thanks

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