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seen my ex first time in 9 months things went well

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i went home to visit my family an friends and i seen my ex fiance for the first time in a very long time .... and things went surprisingly well the first day i seen him i was soo scared....... but yea we just did the hole g'day how are ya thing ........ alot has happen since we broke up 10 months ago .........i have moved miles away , been with another guy an fallen pregnant to him ... then misscarried .... an alot has happened with him to he has a new gf and is living with her!!! which hurts me soo bad .... cause i still love him with all my heart ...... the next time i seen him he had plans with my best mate ( also his best mate) an his gf.... to go driving round town cause his dad would be out with his new car .... but because i got home early which was unexpected my mate rang him an told him an said theyd just do it some other time....... but my ex made up some plan an lied to his gf soo we could go into town....... an the next nite he did the same thing soo we could all have a party.......me an him stayed up all nite talking an watching movies when everyone had past out ... it was just me an him left soo yea we just kept drinking an stuff........ then he fell asleep on me ... an in his sleep he kept sayin my name..........i cant stand the way he looks at me ... the same way he did when we were together its sooo hard .... !!! he lied to his gf the next nite aswell ... an the night after that whats the go with that ?? i love him soo much , our best mate says he still cares about me heaps ... but is that enough im soo confused ... me seeing bought back sooo many old feelings

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