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Work hours cut by 75%

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I am a bit upset. I have just found out that my work hours have been cut by 75%, rendering my income going from $300-$400 per week, down to $100. I have another part-time job, but losing out on this one means the difference between poverty and living a decent life.


The thing that i am most upset about is that the manager called a 'staff meeting' in which to inform me of this. He didn't even have the professionalism to take me aside and inform me of his decision. It seems that others' work hours have increased at the expense of me, and when i confronted him about my income being eroded, he did not even apologize. I can't take legal action against him because i am a contract worker and am not covered by any laws.


One thing that he could have done is given me more notice, like a month instead of 1 week. I don't have anything else lined-up and was enjoying the opportunity to take my time to decide what i wanted for my future, but that has all come to an end now.


I 'uhhem' and 'ahhed' at the meeting and said i would let him know of my decision (to stay or go), and he said, 'this is what i'm offering, when can you let me know'...


I'm a bit disappionted because i had counted on this job to a certain extent. It is probably my fault, but i have a car loan and now i will probably have to sell my car.


I missed a job interview last week partly due to being commited to this place and now they have left me high and dry. Also, an ex-girlfriend of mine works there and she didn't even stand up for me, so now my pride is involved.


I am in a real funk right now and am not motivated at all to find another job, so this couldn't have come at a worse time.

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This is a difficult situation - but it is clear that whoever this company is, they don't give a damn about their workers... It's not WalMart is it?

$100 a week is clearly ridiculous...

I'm not sure what I can suggest, but don't become depressed - please-, look for another job - hard as it might seem...

I don't know your situation or your area, so I don't know the prospects...

But would you want to continue giving yourself to people who don't give a damn about you??


In the UK, our Contract workers laws are almost as bad as the US... It's slowly changing, but it's still not good...

Perhaps if you let us know where you're from, someone on the board here might live in your area and could advise better...

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Thanks for your advice volution. This is my dilemma: either keep working for their measily $100 per week (but i have another part-time job), or leave with my self-respect in tact. But then i wonder whether self-respect and earning capacity are related... I ask myself whether i can just turn up and earn the money and not let it bother me. But then i think that i don't want to put any more energy into that place or those people anymore. What do i do?


It's not a big company i work for, but rather a small business, who DON'T appreciate their employees, as i have just learned. I helped build that business to a certain extent, and now this guy does this to me, and the funny thing is, i know i won't be the last. But i guess that's life eh . It just seems as soon as you are nice, people take advantage of you.

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That is harsh. They really don't give a damn about your well-being, and it's not a good company. I realise that is of little comfort right now.


I suggest that you continue to work for their pathetic salary, at the moment - while looking for another job.

That way - you can keep their $100 while looking for somewhere better.

If you left just now, you would be out a $100.


When you do find a better job, which you will - let them know exactly why you are leaving You can get the last laugh, here.

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Hi Darkblue,


Thanks for your reply... The last laugh is what i want. I woke up this morning disgusted by this organisations actions and am almost too dis-heartened to go back. I am advertising some assets today, that i have for sale - a move i never thought i would have to make.


I was thinking last night, i am going to call the liquor licensing commission on them, the health department and rally with the council to get their license revoked. I am also going to lobby the local residents because i know some of them are not happy with the noise pollution that this establishment puts out.


If they want to mess with this little black duck, they've got another thing coming...

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This could be the best thing for you. This will give you more time to find a real opportunity and capitalize on it. Thank your boss for doing this for you. Its now up to you to set a plan and execute it.


It will be hard, but times like this are only temporary. There are greener pastures ahead of you.

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Hey mgirl,


That is awful... I am sorry for your situation. Your boss/company seem to not be worth your commitment and energy.


Of course you want to be the last one to laugh here. Don't tell them anything, keep on working and really focus on a real job. Then just don't show up anymore or give them one minute notice


I know you have been busy with jobs the last months... it's hard with the high rates of unemployment and the present economy.


Pretend you are grateful, and leave with a smile when you find the perfect job. You sure paid your dues girl.


Good luck and keep us posted!



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Your self respect is the most important thing. If you have to, tolerate it while you find something better. Then, show them whose boss. If you have things against the company, maybe you sould take the fight to them. If they don't care for people as it seems they don't, you probably aren't the only one this has happened to. You could be doing a lot of other people a world of good as well.


Best of luck.

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Well, thanks for your support everybody


I ended up quitting the other day because i just couldn't stand the thought of accepting something that was less than acceptable to me. I really chose my self-respect over money and i do not regret it yet. I guess my plan now is to keep myself out of debt and to look around for a part or full-time job.


This could be the best thing for you. This will give you more time to find a real opportunity and capitalize on it. Thank your boss for doing this for you. Its now up to you to set a plan and execute it.


It will be hard, but times like this are only temporary. There are greener pastures ahead of you.


This is exactly what i needed to hear!


Now thankfully, those toxic people are out of my life. Ultimately though, i know i need to leave the industry all together (i still have another part-time job in it), but for now, at least i have cut it down by half.


Yay team you guys!

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Oh yeah, i do not regret it yet. Those people make me sick and are toxic. Lack of finances is something i will cope with. If worse comes to worse, i will hit my dad up for a loan! Lol. But before that, i am going to sell my car and cut down on nights out.

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