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Alone in a world that’s so cold.

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Hey everybody. As you guys know, james isn't talking to me, and neither is travis much… so I've cut my side of the communication and left it up to them to contact me if they want to talk. (I don't want to look pushy by calling them or e-mailing them, I figured that if they want to talk, they'll call) but the thing is… I really need someone to talk to… I feel alone and confused, there are things in my life that I really need to talk to someone about, but I cant talk about them to my new friends, because the trust development isn't there, and I don't want to scare them off.


I mean, like what do I do? My new friends are telling me not to bother about my old friends, but I cant talk to my new friends the way that I need to… its been about a couple of weeks sense I spoke to my old friends, should I just leave it completely, or try and contact them, or what???? Do I just bottle it all up inside until I have someone to talk to???


Any advice would be great, and I thank you in advance



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hi steff, sorry i havent read all your posts to understand the james/travis situation as i've only just joined this site, but can see the loneliness in what youve said so just wanted you to know theres always people on here who you can talk to. I know we're not old trusted friends but sometimes the anonymity can be helpful to get things off your chest. Generally speaking you should try not to break off or ignore old friends when you make new ones - you can never have too many mates and they dont need to be in any sort of pecking order - so if the opportunity is there, i would try to re-establish communication with your old friends especially if they are the ones you feel most comfortable talking to about real issues. As for talking seriously with new friends, i understand your worry that its too intense too soon but you could try gently testing the waters, talking in a round about way and changing the subject if they dont seem comfortable - they are likely to do this themselves if they dont want to get too deep anyway. You never know they might surprise you though - i dont know tht type of thing that is worrying you but presumably your new friends are not involved so they might offer some outsider insights that could be useful. Good luck, keep smiling and i'm happy to listen if you want to! Sarah

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