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The night before winter break I went out with all of my friends to the bar for dollar bottles and came back and talked to this girl that I have been attracted to for a long time (both of us were in relationships at that time) but couldnt do anything. It was just a mere attraction. That night we began talking and talking and what was previously unspoken was spoken.


Before this occurred, my ex and I had talked about getting back together and that was going to be the highlight of her break. We ended up seeing each other a lot over break but never really officially got back together or anything.


This girl at school and I still talk all the time and are both attracted to each other, but I dont know if I am still in love with my ex or still want to come back or pursue this new girl.


I am not asking for answers or anything, but more in the realms of advice in the sense of how do I know what will make me happy? What would you do in a situation like this do figure out what you wanted? What would make you happy.



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reading your post was funny to me, just cause i'm in the same situation, but the same role as your ex. my ex was contacted by an old college friend who JUST got a divorce and has a 3 yr. old - she wants my ex and they both want to try that. so he had to pick me or her. she won - and he lost his best friend, of course, he did have something to gain, but in the end, it might not be worth it....you're in a tough situation, as upset as i am with my ex, he can't help his feelings and he decided that he had to take that risk with her to see if she's the one....they both think they belong together - i was with my ex for 2 1/2 yrs. and this was very sudden - so much to say, but why bother anymore - i'm just really sad i guess.


maybe not much of any advice, but just some input from another point of view in a similar situation. as hard as it is, i understand that this is something he needs to do - at the same time, he's going to miss what he had...

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