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weird shyness..

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hi once again ok well ive noticed that ever since the guy i like told me he liked me hes been being all shy and "avoiding me" ive caught him looking at me ect.. he talks to everyone else just fine and to me its like..wow its funny. my friends say theyve seen his behavior change alot they say hes shy now whenever he's around me he was perfectly fine when i didnt know he liked me but once he told me he liked me and he knew that i knew he started i dont know..acting REALLY weird.. which this dude is NOT a shy person ! anyways whats the reason he's acting all shy .. IM SUPPOSE TO BE THE SHY ONE ! lol he already knows i like him.. he told me he liked me.. whats the big deal!? why is he doing this why does he have to be SO DARN CONFUSING! lol

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ok.. i had a girl do this to me.. but thats was because she didn't want to give me the friend chat if she could avoid it. But either way its best to ask right away so you don't wonder what the fudge is going on for a week and a half .. and how they are suddenly unable to leave their homework.

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